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JOYCE - Jülich ObservatorY for Cloud Evolution

In 2011, JOYCE was established in order to provide a better physical understanding of cloud and precipitation formation over heterogeneous terrain as well as to provide a basis for atmospheric model evaluation and improvement. In addition, JOYCE observations and research focus on boundary-layer turbulence, multi-frequency radar, as well as broadband and spectrally resolved solar and terrestrial radiation for cloud remote sensing purposes.

JOYCE is an essential part of CPEX-Lab (Cloud and Precipitation Exploratory Laboratory), a competence center of the Geoverbund ABC/J which connects the geoscience research and education at the universities RWTH Aachen, Bonn, and Cologne and the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH. JOYCE is a joint venture between Forschungszentrum Jülich, where it is installed, and UoC, which runs the instruments and carries out the data processing.

Together with the University of Bonn, JOYCE was rewarded the status of a DFG-funded Core Facility in 2016. This funding mechanism for national research infrastructures opens JOYCE to the broader scientific community concerning instrument deployment, dedicated use of instruments, and data availability. From 2020 on these activities are now coordinated within CPEX-Lab and in future also within the European Research Infrastructure ACTRIS.

For more information please visit the official JOYCE website.

For a quick overview of our current observations please click here.

For more information please contact Ulrich Löhnert.