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HALO-(AC)³: Messkampagne

Wie die Arktis das mitteldeutsche Wetter betimmt - ein Bericht des MDR über HALO-(AC)³
Wetoo: what they don't tell you.
Dr. Claudia Aquistapace (AWARES) and other female researchers at University of Cologne are telling their story on working in science.
HALO-(AC)³ Trailer
HALO-(AC)³ is the field study that aims at investigating warm air intrusions into the Arctic and cold air outbreaks.
HALO-(AC)³: Aktuelle Arktisforschung hautnah
In diesem Projektfilm stellt die Forschungsgemeinschaft das Projekt, seine Ziele und die Menschen dahinter vor. Projekt-Website HALO-(AC)³: https://halo-ac3.de/
UPAS Imagefilm Cologne
Within the framework of University Partnership of Atmospheric Sciences (UPAS) there is this image film for the Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology - with englisch subtitles
CPEX-LAB at the Universities of Cologne and Bonn.
Impressions of the Arctic
as a contribution for the student magazine of the UoC (German only)
Impressions of the DESMEX project
overview over the DESMEX project (German only)