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A small section of the Milky Way, photographed with a 254cm Newtonian telescope near Bonn. Total exposure time is 40 minutes. Below you can see a part of the famous North America Nebula. Foto: Filip Elekes

Dear students, members and friends of our Institute,

The Space and Planets working group is organizing a regular, institute-wide telescope club starting this winter semester 2023/24, for which you are all invited. The idea is to give everyone the opportunity to take a closer look at our well-known starry sky. The feeling of seeing our Earth moon, Jupiter and its moons or even the Orion Nebula through a telescope for the first time is breathtaking and we hope to offer this opportunity to anyone who is interested. We will start with a look at Jupiter and possibly the moon, the details of which can be observed amazingly well with a telescope.

As the weather (especially cloud cover) is our biggest enemy, there will be a number of suggested dates. The final date will then be announced spontaneously throughout the institute via email, i.e. about 1 day beforehand. Generally we will meet at 6 pm at the Gothaer parking lot southwest of our institute (a map can be found on the right). The possible dates are listed below.

You can always send me any questions, suggestions etc. (f.elekes@uni-koeln.de). We look forward to seeing many interested people.

Earlier dates:

  • 09.01.2024 - 6pm
Tentative next dates 2024:

Depending on the weather, we will choose one of the following dates. Detailed information will be sent by email at short notice.

  • 01.02. - 6pm
  • 06.02. - 6pm
  • 08.02. - 6pm
  • 13.02. - 6pm
  • 15.02. - 6pm