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Oral Presentations

The following hardware will be available for oral presentations:

The Windows laptop and the Mac Powerbook are connected to the beamer through a KVM-switch. Presentations will have to be transferred to either the Windows laptop or the Mac Powerbook prior to the talk. It will not be possible to connect other laptops to the beamer.

Generally, all speakers are advised to transfer their presentations one day prior to the talk or at the very latest in the break before. Please send your presentation to mop-presentationsSpamProtectiongeo.uni-koeln.de (preferred, but there exists an e-mail size limitation of 25 MB) or, alternatively, we will provide USB sticks for the transfer. As technical problems concerning the transfer can always turn up we ask you to submit and transfer the talks as early as possible.

Please provide the following information when handing in your talk:

  • Name of the presenter
  • Scheduled date and time of the talk
  • Requested operating system (Vista or Mac OS X)

Please choose a file name which contains the name of the presenter. We suggest you to provide a PDF file of the talk as fall-back if you are using Powerpoint, Keynote etc.

For all talks scheduled in the Monday morning sessions we ask the speakers to submit their presentations via e-mail in advance, until Sunday, 26th July, to mop-presentationsSpamProtectiongeo.uni-koeln.de.