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Participation in the ACTRIS cloud radar calibration campaign

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The FRM4Radar project participated in the ACTRIS cloud radar calibration campaign sending one of their radars to the SIRTA site, Palaiseau, France, for 4 weeks - 19 March until 15 April 2019.
Aim of the campaign is to develop standards for cloud radar calibration within the ACTRIS network. Generally, cloud radar calibration can be sensing targets with knowing back-scattering characteristic. Such targets are mounted on mast, which will be scanned by the radar system, if they are equipped with a scanner. If they are not, inter-comparison of systems was one possibility to get profiles calibrated. Since some years, drones offer the possibilities to attach targets to them. This offers also the possibility to calibrate profiling radar systems such as the within the FRM4Radar project used 94-GHz radar system. To test such calibration methods and to gain more knowledge in cloud radar calibration the project participated within the campaign.