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Seminar Applied Geophysics

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09:15 - 10:45


Aktueller Hinweis:

Diese Lehrveranstaltung findet wegen der Covid-19 Pandemie bis auf Weiteres online statt. Erst bei Wiederaufnahme des Präsenzlehrbetriebs finden die Lehrveranstaltungen in den in der Tabelle angegebenen Lehrräumen statt.



Datum           VortragendeThema
03/11/2020Kick-off meeting
10/11/2020Maofei LiSurface to underground Transient Electromagnetics
17/11/2020I. IbraheemGeophysical investigation of a waste site near Cologne & Introduction to the new DFG Project on waste site characterization in Russia
24/11/2020Xingbing Xi2D/3D Inversion of MT data for oil and gas exploration in western Sichuan area of China
01/12/2020T. EhlersCMD data interpretation from a waste site near Cologne using LCI
15/12/2020W. MörbeFirst results of the large scale Desmex-II semi-airborne and groundbased EM survey over the Kropfmühl graphite deposit, Germany
22/12/2020H. NienhausIntroduction to the CRC 1211 & preliminary TEM modeling for selected key sites in Namibia to support paleoclimatological studies
12/01/2021M. SmirnovaDevelopment and implementation of CSRMT method using near field sources
19/01/2021S. SchiebelMulti-dimensional DC – IP modeling and inversion (LITSEM)
19/01/2021Cai JiJoint inversion of semi-airborne EM and groundbased LOTEM data
26/01/2021S. CarrascoSeismological subsurface exploration of Mars
02/02/2021S. Fadavi2D modeling of CSRMT data from Russia including Tipper data
15/02/2021Jan Wittke2D Meshfree MT inversion
23/02/2021N. HöringGPR full wave form inversion of peatlands
16/03/2021Ecem CengizHigh resolution magnetic mapping of a waste site near Cologne