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GEOAFC, Advanced Geophysical Field Course

Course TypeDayTimeRoom
Seminar Friday14.00 - 18:00 3.137


Kick-off meeting: Fr. April 15, 2016, 14:00 PM, small seminar-room 3.137
Field measurements take place from May 17 until May 22, 2016.

limited number of participants, pre-registration is required. Please register via KLIPS until February 18, 2016 (for those who have access to KLIPS). In addition send an email to Pritam Yogeshwar yogeshwar[at]geo.uni-koeln.de with your registration. Places are given according to order of registration. Attendance to the kick-off meeting is compulsory for participation in the module.

Information regarding the field course:
Field measurements will be either conducted around the former mining area close to Schleiz/Thuringia or around Gillenfeld/Eifel to investigate volcanic Maar structures. The survey area will be announced as soon as possible. During the field course we will apply surface electromagnetic and direct current methods to gain information about the shallow subsurface structure (down to max. 100 m depth). The field work will be conducted in groups. The collected field data will be analyzed and discussed briefly every evening to gain first insights to the subsurface structure.

Please check the website for further announcements and updates regarding the module.


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  • DCR-IP
  • TEM
  • RMT