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Special Issue on Electromagnetic (EM) methods

Call for papers by the 25th September, 2021 for Geoscience special issue with guest editors Prof. Dr. Bülent Tezkan, Dr. Pritam Yogeshwar and Dr. Amir Haroon

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to this Special Issue of Geosciences aiming to gather high-quality original research articles, reviews and technical notes on the use of Electromagnetic (EM) methods for shallow subsurface exploration research and applications.

The special issue will be published in Geosciences, an interdisciplinary, international peer-reviewed open access journal of geoscience, future earth and planetary science published monthly online by MDPI, indexed by *Scopus* (citescore 2.10) and *ESCI* (Web of Science).

There is no doubt about the value of EM for terrestrial, marine, or airborne-borne acquisition to: delineate mineral prospects; assess and monitor environmental influences such as saltwater intrusion; discover new archaeological sites; detect unexploded ordnance; monitoring waste sites; detect cavities and others. The special issue focuses on the application and interpretation of electromagnetic methods for shallow to intermediate subsurface exploration. The call addresses the full spectrum of inductive EM methods in time and frequency domain using active and non-active source fields. The focus of this special issue lies on the application of EM methodologies for answering various geoscientific questions, studies addressing technical and software developments associated with EM exploration, and advancements in integrated data interpretation for improved subsurface characterization.

The call includes ground-based, airborne, semi-airborne, and marine EM exploration techniques for a wide range of targets ranging from environmental and groundwater problems, archaeological prospection, mineral, geothermal, and hydrocarbon exploration, and other geoscientific studies.

We kindly invite you to send us a preliminary title and short abstract, in order to verify at an early stage if the contribution you intend to submit fits within the scope of the Special Issue. The deadline for submission of papers is September 25th 2021.

With best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Bülent Tezkan

Dr. Pritam Yogeshwar

Dr. Amir Haroon

Guest Editors




  • Electromagnetics

  • Controlled Source Electromagnetics

  • Time Domain EM

  • Frequency Domain EM

  • Subsurface Exploration

  • Integrated subsurface imaging

  • EM Data integration

  • Data processing

  • Inversion