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Seminar Applied Geophysics



Dienstag09:15 - 10:45



Datum           VortragendeThema
16.10.18Barbara Blanco ArrueAnalysis of the electrical resistivity variations using Transient Electromagnetic in Santiago Basin
23.10.18Journal Club I
30.10.18Jan Wittke
13.11.18Ismael IbraheemConstructing 2D resistivity models using 2D inversion of traditional vertical electrical soundings: Application to west Nile Delta, Egypt
20.11.18Volker Erkes
27.11.18Tobias KartmannCombined fixed- and central-loop TEM measurements to localize the Garzweiler coal intrusion and Nysterbach fault structure
4.12.18Iris AudenriethOn the advantages of star-shaped gpr measurements in the detection of linear structures
11.12.18Cai JiProgress of joint inversion on HEM, LOTEM and semi-airborne data
18.12.18Amir Haroon2D Inversion of Shallow Marine Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data
8.1.19Journal Club II
15.1.19Matthew Oviawe / Pritam YogeshwarPreliminary results of RMT survey over Luosavaara ore body, Kiruna Sweden
22.1.19Wiebke MörbeDeep Electromagnetic Soundings for mineral exploration: A CSEM Validation Study
29.1.19Marc Seidel3D CSEM Time-Domain Modelling using FEniCS and custEM

Journal Club

The general idea is to present one paper to the audience to motivate them to read the presented paper. For this, please choose one paper from the journal you have been assigned and present a short talk (NOT! more than 5 minutes). In this talk you will introduce the authors, present the topic and the methodology as well as their results and give a summary/conclusion at the end.


 Journal Club IJournal Club II
Geophysics M. Oviawe
Geophysical Prospecting W. Mörbe B. Blanco
Near Surface Geophysics T. Kartmann
Journal of Applied Geophysics V. Erkes
Geophysical Journal International Cai Ji C. Lieber
Pore and Applied Geophysics I. Ibraheem  Genedi