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Study course:M.Sc. Physics of Earth and Atmosphere
TitleAtmospheric Chemistry 1 & 2 (Chemie der Atmosphäre 1 & 2)
Module NumberWorkload CP DurationSemester
MN-GM-METCHEM180 h122 Semester WT, ST
Person in Charge

A. Wahner, T. Mentel

Offering Department Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology, Cologne University
Applicability Course of StudyCategory Semester
M.Sc. Physics of Earth and Atmosphere Elective 1, 2
Aims • Comprehension of how physical/chemical processes affect composition and changes of the atmosphere
• Knowledge of several trace substance cycles
• Comprehension of spatial and temporal gradients of trace substances
• Application of reaction mechanisms on the decomposition of trace substances
SkillsComprehension of relations of physical basics of atmospheric processes.
ContentAtmospheric Chemistry 1

• ?Chemical elementary reactions
• Chemical composition of the atmosphere
• Simple reaction systems
• Chemical and atmospheric persistence
• Photochemistry
• Biogenic and anthropogenic emissions
• Atmospheric deposition processes
• Climate efficiency of trace gases
• Aerosol chemistry and physics
• Atmospheric distribution of trace substances

Atmospheric Chemistry 2

• Trace substance cycles of CO, methane, hydrocarbons, sulfur compounds, nitric oxides
• Chemistry of the hydroxyl radical
• Complex ways of decomposition of trace substances
• Photochemistry of the decomposition of trace substances, radical cycles
• Formation of ozone in the troposphere
• Trace substance balance, troposphere, stratosphere
• Stratospheric ozone chemistry
• Climate development

Prerequisites Non
Lectures Form, Theme Max. of Participants h/weekworkloadCP
ExaminationsForm of testing and examination Graded or not
Written examinationGraded

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