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Observational networks of the future

The picture shows a planned measurement set-up of atmospheric profiling sensors distributed over the ABC/J (Aachen-Cologne-Bonn-Jülich region.

Many novel ground-based observational technologies exist, but have not been effectively exploited for quantitative, real-time conception of the atmospheric environment. Our research focuses on evaluating the network potential of these observations, i.e. by developing and applying network-spanning calibration methods, quality control measures and retrieval algorithms approaches. For this, we collaborate with European and US-American partners as well as set up own local observation networks. We plan to use these observations to evaluate a drive high resolution (~100 m) ICON simulations.

To find out more contact: Tobias Böck (mircowave radiometers), Lukas Pfitzenmaier (cloud radars) and Ulrich Löhnert