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Involved Measurement Stations

The aim of the FRM4Radar-project is to establish an observation network for validation, verification and calibration of EarthCARE cloud profile measurements and for any following up missions operating radars in space. To accomplish this, two new measurement sites will be installed to form a miniature network of 94GHz Doppler radar systems complementing (and compatible with) the Cloudnet network (mostly operating at 35GHz).
The network is initialized to obtain measurements at 94GHz at different geographical locations within Europe but also to increase in general the coverage of profiling radars in Europe. The 94GHz-Network will be initialized at 3 stations:

  • the Research Centre Jülich ObservatorY for Cloud Evolution (JOYCE), Jülich, Germany
  • the ICOS ACTRIS station Norunda, Sweden
  • the Romanian Atmospheric 3D research Observatory (RADO)

The 94GHz-Network is open for further extension in the future. 
The ground-based measurements carried out will deliver, to EarthCARE product users, the required confidence in data products, in the form of independent validation results and satellite measurement uncertainty estimation, optimally over the entire end-to-end duration of the satellite mission.