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  1. Radio telescope Effelsberg and hiking tour

    13:00 Lecture at the radio telescope Effelsberg
    With a diameter of 100m, the radio telescope Effelsberg is one of the biggest, fully steerable radio telescopes in the world. Since the beginning of operation in the year 1972, the technology has been updated ever since so that it is considered one of the most modern telescopes worldwide. Its targets are pulsars, nebulas, black holes, globular clusters and galaxy cores.

    14:00 hiking tour in the Eifel (two hours)
    After the lecture you have the chance of enjoying the beautiful nature of the Eifel.

  2. Geocaching and Chocolate Museum

    11:30 Geocachingrallye
    Equipped with a GPS-locator and divided into teams you will go on your own exploration in the city of cologne. Modern technology will guide you to secret spots, beautiful city-squares and sight-seeing-places in close proximity to the cathedral. On location, your team has some quests to do, riddles to solve and questions to answer. As it is common practice, the best team will premièred at a pub while enjoying some delicious Kölsch.

    15:45 Chocolate Museum
    After a short break you will have a guided tour through the Imhoff-Museum of Chocolate. The exhibits show the entire history of chocolate, from its beginnings with the Olmecs, Mayan and Aztecs to contemporary products and production methods. You even get the chance of tasting the locally produced chocolate at the chocolade-fountain.

  3. Wuppertal and canoe-tour

    11:00 You will go to Wuppertal by train and have the opportunity to make a sightseeing tour through the city.

    14:00 Beginning with a quick briefing you will experience the river that gave Wuppertal its name. The route will send you through fast rapids and slow relaxing parts with great views. Also note that there will be a short passage where you have to carry the boats through the forests. The tour will give beautiful sights and interesting geological formations.

  4. High-tech Romans and brewery tour

    11:00 High-tech Romans - exhibition
    You will visit LVR-Museum in Bonn to see an exhibition about genius inventions of ancient times. There are nine different aspects of the Roman society that you can explore - and not just with your eyes only! Engineering, architecture, craftsmanship and science are a few examples of what you will discover,

    15:00 Brewery tour
    Back in cologne, you go on a rally to to see our most famous breweries pf Cologne. What is the secret of the "liquid gold"? And most importantly, what does it taste like?