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Students' Council Geophysics & Meteorology

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You - already students or prospective students - have questions about your studies?
Would you like to participate in cool events with other students? Do you need mate or coffee?
Or do you simply have something on your mind because this huge university is too much for you?

Then you've come to the right place!

We, the Student Council of Geophysics and Meteorology, are the people to contact in these cases!
We are a mixed group of students from the 1st to the 15th semester,
who want to get involved beyond the obligations of everyday university life.
We are just as happy to represent your interests at official committee meetings
as we are to organise fun events (e.g. a monthly games evening and a study trip during the semester).

Even though our study programme is very small and therefore familiar,
there are often situations in which students prefer to talk to other students
rather than to contact lecturers. Here we serve as mediators and try
to improve teaching and solve possible conflicts through feedback.

Our common room (3.135) is open to everyone during peak hours, so you can
relax here between lectures or work on worksheets together.
We also provide drinks and snacks in the study kitchen next door!
There you will find energy-boosting chocolate, mate or coffee (yeah)!

We will inform you about important events, news from the institute,
internship opportunities or job offers in a common whatsapp-chat without spam.
To join, just get in touch with us or ask others from higher semesters.
Furthermore, there is a mail distribution list of the institute for
all students (IGM distribution list:

You want to drop by or participate? Even without any student council
experience or extraordinary organisational talent, we have all come to a meeting
at some time and yet we have already got a lot going - our student council
is always happy to see new faces! Come by or write
us a mail directly: We try to answer quickly.

Lisa, Kathi, Julia, Stefan, Lennéa, Michel, Sibylle, Simone, Sven, Caro, Linda, Anatol, Till, Yvonne

Regular meetings:
Mondays around 17 o'clock common room (3.135)
and spontaneously at your whim

University of Cologne
Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology
3rd floor (room 3.135) Pohligstr. 3
50969 Cologne