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Applied Geophysics

We develop and use ground-based, marine and airborne geophysical techniques, especially for electromagnetic exploration to derive physical properties of the earths subsurface from few meters depth down to several kilometers. Our areas of applications cover a wide range such as the search for groundwater, contamination problems, mineral resources and hydrocarbon exploration, geothermal research and archeological prospection as well as general geological studies

What is applied geophysics about?

Key Research Areas & Methods

  • New geophysical techniques and measurement platforms
  • Environmental and engineering problems
  • Earth resource exploration
  • Groundwater exploration
  • Electrical and Electromagnetic methods
  • Modeling & inversion
  • Data processing


Various national and international projects cover a wide range of geophysical techniques for shallow and deep subsurface exploration, technical and numerical developments for improved data interpretation.

Project List

Recent Publications

  • Othman, A.A. & Ibraheem, I.M. (2023). Origin of El-Maghara Anticlines, North Sinai Peninsula, Egypt: Insights from Gravity Data Interpretation Using Edge Detection Filters. Arab J Sci Eng.

  • Peng, R., Yogeshwar, P., Liu, Y., & Hu, X. (2023). Quasi-2-D Bayesian inversion of central loop transient electromagnetic data using an adaptive Voronoi parametrization. Geophysical Journal International234(1), 650-663.

  • Smirnova, M., Shlykov, A., Fadavi Asghari, S., Tezkan, B., Saraev, A., Yogeshwar, P., & Smirnov, M. (2023). 3D controlled-source electromagnetic inversion in the radio-frequency band. Geophysics88(1), E1-E12.
  • Hu, D., Tezkan, B., Niu, H., Yue, M., Yang, X., & Wu, X. (2023). 3D time-domain induced polarization modelling considering anisotropy and topography. Journal of Applied Geophysics208, 104871.
  • Ikirri, M., Boutaleb, S., Ibraheem, I.M., Abioui, M., Echogdali, F.Z., et al. (2023). Delineation of Groundwater Potential Area using an AHP, Remote Sensing, and GIS Techniques in the Ifni Basin, Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco. Water 15, 1436.
  • Ibraheem, I.M., Tezkan, B., Ghazala, H.& Othman, A.A. (2023). A new edge enhancement filter for the interpretation of magnetic field data. Pure and Applied Geophysics.

  • Elbshbeshi, A., Gomaa, A., Mohamed, A., Othman, A., Ibraheem, I.M. & Ghazala, H. (2023). Applying Geomatics Techniques for Documenting Heritage Buildings in Aswan Region, Egypt: A Case Study of the Temple of Abu Simbel. Heritage 6, 742–761 (Special issue: Geophysical Surveys for Heritage and Archaeology).
  • Hu, D., Tezkan, B., Yue, M., Yang, X., & Wu, X (2022). A new method of 3D direct current resistivity modelling using the long electrode source for forward-probing in tunnels.  Near Surface Geophysics,
  • Adrian, J., Tezkan, B., & Candansayar, M. E. (2022). Exploration of a Copper Ore Deposit in Elbistan/Turkey Using 2D Inversion of the Time-Domain Induced Polarization Data by Using Unstructured Mesh. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 1-18.
  • Cai, J., Yogeshwar, P., Mörbe, W., Smirnova, M., Haroon, A., Becken, M., & Tezkan, B. (2022). 2-D joint inversion of semi-airborne CSEM and LOTEM data in eastern Thuringia, Germany. Geophysical Journal International, 229(3), 1475-1489.
  • Blanco-Arrué, B., Yogeshwar, P., Tezkan, B., Mörbe, W., Díaz, D., Farah, B., ... & Wennrich, V. (2022). Exploration of sedimentary deposits in the Atacama Desert, Chile, using integrated geophysical techniques. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 115, 103746.
  • Saraev, A. K., Shlykov, A. A., & Tezkan, B. (2022). Application of the Controlled Source Radiomagnetotellurics (CSRMT) in the Study of Rocks Overlying Kimberlite Pipes in Yakutia/Siberia. Geosciences, 12(1), 34.
  • Othman, A.A., Beshr, A.M., Abd El-Gawad, A.M.S. & Ibraheem, I.M. (2022). Hydrogeophysical investigation using remote sensing and geoelectrical data in southeast Hiw, Qena, Egypt. Geocarto International.
  • Mamo, A.R., Ibraheem, I.M., Al Kassem, A., Al-Khalil, A. & Hopper, K. (2022). The Impact of the Syrian Conflict on Archaeological Sites in Al-Hasakah Province. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 43, 103486.
  • Ibraheem, I.M., El-Husseiny, A.A. & Othman, A.A. (2022). Structural and mineral exploration study at the transition zone between the North and the Central Eastern Desert, Egypt, using airborne magnetic and gamma-ray spectrometric data. Geocarto International.
  • Wittke, J., & Tezkan, B. (2021). Two-dimensional meshless modelling and TE-mode inversion of magnetotelluric data. Geophysical Journal International, 226(2), 1250-1261.
  • Hu, D., Tezkan, B., Yue, M., Yang, X., Wu, X., & Zhou, G. (2021). Prediction of Conductive Anomalies Ahead of the Tunnel by the 3D-Resitivity Forward Modeling in the Whole Space. Geofluids, 2021.

More publications


Geoscience: Special Issue on Electromagnetic (EM) methods

Geoscience: Special Issue on Electromagnetic (EM) methods

Call for papers by the 25th September, 2021 for Geoscience special issue with guest editors Prof. Dr. Bülent Tezkan, Dr. Pritam Yogeshwar and Dr. Amir Haroon