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Cologne and vicinity

Above you will find links to various meteorological measuring stations around Cologne. Within Cologne these are:

  • our meteorological measuring station for current weather, including cloud base and
  • a microwave radiometer for continuous temperature measurement up to 5km altitude. If you want to know how much water vapour (IWV) is currently above Cologne and how much water is contained in the clouds (LWP), take a look here...

For comparison, you can see what the German Weather Service is currently measuring at Cologne-Bonn Airport. Would you like to know how much rain is currently heading for the Rhineland? Then take a look at the current radar images from CPEX-LAB. You can also navigate to the JOYCE cloud observatory at the Jülich Research Centre.

In the geophysics section, we offer you an insight into the current (and past) earthquake activity in our region.