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Incoming students

Welcome at the Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology!

At our institute, we offer the bachelor program "Erd- und Klimaphysik" (in German) and the master program "Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere" (in English). Our institute is also envolved in the master program "Computational Sciences". Please find some general information below and under the links provided. In case of further questions, please get in touch with us.

How can I apply at the University of Cologne?

As an ERASMUS student, you will be nominated by your local ERASMUS coordinator: the local ERASMUS coordinator will send the nomination via e-mail to the contact at the Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology. We will then inform the International Office of the University of Cologne about your nomination. The International Office will contact you at some point and provide you with more detailed information about the formalities (e.g. application/enrollment at University of Cologne). Please check out also the websites of the International Office of the University of Cologne with some general information about studying in Cologne and the specific ERASMUS information.

Which courses are offered?

If you are interested in the courses that are offered at the Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology, please have a look here. For the upcoming semester, an overview of the courses is available on our website about 1-2 months before the semester starts. To get a general idea of what might be offered, you can also check out the courses of the previous semesters. More details about the content of the courses can be found in the module descriptions of our bachelor and master programs. If you are already registered in KLIPS2.0 (see below), you can have a look at the courses there as well.

How can I register for courses?

Before your ERASMUS stay at the University of Cologne, you have to fill out the Online Learning Agreement (OLA), which will be signed by you, the corresponding institutional ERASMUS coordinator at the University of Cologne and the coordinator of your home university. The OLA includes information about the courses that you will attend and if and to which extent (ECTS credit points) the courses will be recognized for your studies at your home university. The OLA can also be updated during your mobility in case courses etc. change.

At the University of Cologne, the application/enrollment and course selection is then handled via the online application portal KLIPS 2.0. More details can also be found on the website of the International Office. Note however, that as an ERASMUS student, registering for a course might not be possible for you directly via KLIPS2.0. In case that problems occur in the course selection, please contact the Examination Office who will enroll you in the courses instead.