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GEOFPR, Advanced Geophysical Field Course


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Friday 14:00 - 17:00   3.137

Kick-off meeting: Fr. 10. April, 14:00 PM, small seminar-room 3.137
Field measurements will be mainly done in Schleiz/Thuringia from 25. May - 30. May 2015

limited number of participants, pre-registration is required. To register, please send an email to Pritam Yogeshwar until 15. March 2015. Places are given according to order of registration. Attendance to the kick-off meeting is compulsory for participation in the module.

Information regarding the field course:
The field course will take place around Schleiz/Thuringia this year, which is a former mining area. The field course is part of a new multi-institutional semi-airborne exploration research project which aims to detect well conducting subsurface structures down to 1000 m depth for supporting mineral exploration.
We will apply surface electromagnetic and direct current methods to gain information about the shallow subsurface structure (10 m down to 200 m depth). This shallow information is important e.g. for static shift corrections in Long Offset Transient EM measurements or to reduce the ambiguity of interpretation and to constrain derived resistivity-models.