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Master Modules WS2006 - SS2015

Proposed plan of study

Module list and weight of grades with respect to total grade

Module nameModule IDE/CCPW
Prognostic Modelling MN-GM-PMC65
Inverse ModellingMN-GM-IMC65
Direct Current and Electromagnetic Exploration MethodsMN-GM-EEVC65
Geophysics of the Solar System MN-GM-GEOSOSYSC65
Seismology MN-GM-GEOSEISC65
Space Physics MN-GM-GEOSPHC65
Advanced Geophysical Field Course MN-GM-GEOFPRC65
Physical ClimatologyMN-GM-KLIMC65
Physics of the Atmosphere MN-GM-PHATC65
Radiation, Clouds and Precipitation MN-GM-METSWNC65
Dynamics of the Atmosphere MN-GM-METDYNC65
Advanced Meteorological LabMN-GM-METFPRC65
Literature Seminar and Current Research Questions MN-GM-LITSEMC108
Project WorkMN-GM-PROJC1412
Master's Thesis MN-GM-MASTRC3025
Atmospheric Boundary Layer MN-GM-METGRE65
Atmospheric Chemistry MN-GM-METCHEME65
Remote Sensing and Data AssimilationMN-GM-METFDE65
Atmospheric Modelling MN-GM-METAME65
Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics (compact course)MN-GM-METACDE32,5


CP: Credit Points
W: Weight in %
E: Elective
C: Compulsory


Preliminary remark

1. Instead of the listed electives it is allowed to attend the following electives of the MSc program ‘Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere’ at the University of Bonn:


Focus Module
Meteorology Dynamics of the Atmosphere
Meteorology Climate Dynamics and Statistics I
Meteorology Cloud Physics
Meteorology Remote Sensing and Mesoscale Meteorology I
Meteorology General Hydrodynamics
Meteorology Climate Dynamics and Statistics II
Meteorology Special Topics in Theoretical Meteorology
Meteorology Remote Sensing and Mesoscale Meteorology II
Geophysics Hydrogeophysics
GeophysicsEarthquake Physics
Geophysics Practical Hydrogeophysics


2. Other modules of equal value can be admitted and announced by the examination board after agreement.
3. The recommended literature refers to August 2007.  It can be extended or changed by the person in charge of the module at the beginning of the respective semester.

Module Handbook as PDF (in German)