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Specialisation Module: Seismology
Identification number

180 h

1st - 3rd Semester
Offered Every

on special announcement

on special announcement

1 semester
1 Course types
a) Lecture
b) Exercise
Contact time
45 h
30 h
Private study
60 h
45 h
2 Module objectives and skills to be acquired

Understanding of physical processes that cause and transport seismic energy. Acquired skills are the ability to determine basic parameters from seismic records for earthquake location. Basic knowledge of seismological measuring techniques and data processing. In addition: communication skills, capacity for enthusiasm, self-dependency
3 Module content
  • Elasticity theory and seismic waves
  • Body waves and ray geometry
  • Surface waves and free oscillations of the Earth
  • Kinematic and dynamic effects of earthquake sources
  • Seismometry and seismogram interpretation
  • Seismotectonics
  • Local earthquakes
  • Earthquakes and buildings
  • Time series analysis
  • History of seismology
4 Teaching methods

Lectures and exercises
5 Prerequisites (for the module)

Formal: None.
The content of the course requires the undergraduate knowledge of mathematics, physics and geophysics.
6 Type of examination

At the beginning of the lecture-free period, there is a 120 to 180-minute written examination, the content of which is the material from the lecture and exercises. Successful completion of the exercises is required for admission to the examination; for this, the acquisition of 50% of the points to be achieved is sufficient. A repeat examination is offered before or at the beginning of the following semester. The examination grade is the module grade. In the case of two passed examinations (see § 20 paragraph 10 examination regulations), the better grade is the module grade.
7 Credits awarded

The module is passed, and the credit points will be awarded, if the written examination is passed.
8 Compatibility with other Curricula

Suitable as an elective course for physics students.
9 Proportion of final grade

Weight of the module grade in the overall grade: 6/150 (4 %)
10 Module coordinator

Alexandre Wennmacher
11 Further information

Version: 2023-03-31