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Seminar Applied Geophysics

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09:15 - 10:45


Aktueller Hinweis:

Diese Lehrveranstaltung findet wegen der Covid-19 Pandemie bis auf Weiteres online statt. Erst bei Wiederaufnahme des Präsenzlehrbetriebs finden die Lehrveranstaltungen in den in der Tabelle angegebenen Lehrräumen statt.



Datum           VortragendeThema
28/04/2020Journal Club I
05/05/2020H. NienhausTEM Tipper modeling
12/05/2020I. IbraheemArchaeological investigations using Magnetics and ERT in Norf / NRW
19/05/2020XingbingLOTEM and MT survey in China (LOTEM processing)
26/05/2020W. MörbeIntroduction to DESMEX-II – IP effects on CSEM data
09/06/2020JiaoIntroduction to 3D DCR modeling and comparison studies
09/06/2020S. CarrascoINSIGHT - Seismology on Mars
16/06/2020B. Blanco2nd TEM survey in Chile – 2D modeling studies
23/06/2020Journal Club II
30/06/2020MaofeiIntroduction to 3D TEM modeling and comparison studies
07/07/2020M. Genedi1D LCI of DCR data
07/07/2020 P. YogeshwarRMT and TEM survey in Roorkee-India
14/07/2020J. Wittke 2D Meshfree inversion of MT data

Journal Club

The general idea is to present one paper to the audience to motivate them to read the presented paper. For this, please choose one paper from the journal you have been assigned and present a short talk (NOT! more than 7 minutes). In this talk you will introduce the authors, present the topic and the methodology as well as their results and give a summary/conclusion at the end.


  Journal Club I Journal Club II
Near Surface Geophysics I. Ibraheem  T. Ehlers
Firstbreak   N. Höring
Leading Edge    
Geophysical Prospecting S. Schiebel H. Niehaus
Geophysical Journal International Xingbing C. Lieber
Geophysics Jiao S. Fadavi
Pure and Applied Geophysics Maofei M. Genedi