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Birte Solveig Kulla

Address Pohligstr. 3, 50969 Köln
Room 3.127
Phone +49 (0)221 470-6239
Fax +49 (0)221 470-5161
Mail birte.kullaSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de

Research Topics

  •        Arctic mixed phase Clouds

  •        Cloud-top liquid layer

  •        (airborne) Lidar measurements

  •        Lidar - Radar Synergy


  •  Arctic Amplification: Climate Relevant Atmospheric and Surface Processes and Feedback Mechanisms (AC)³, Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TR 172, DFG.

  • Subproject B03: Characterization of Arctic mixed-phase clouds by airborne in-situ measurements and remote sensing.


  • Kulla, B. S. and C. Ritter: Water Vapor Calibration: Using a Raman Lidar and Radiosoundings to Obtain Highly Resolved Water Vapor Profiles, Remote Sens. 2019, 11, 616. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs11060616

Master Thesis

Kulla, B. S. (2018): Die Strahlungsbilanz in der Polarnacht - Einflussfaktoren auf die langwellige Netto-Strahlung bei klarer Atmosphäre (Radiation Balance during Polar Night - Factors influencing Longwave Radiation during Clear State Conditions), Institute of Geography, University Augsburg in cooperation with the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Germany.

Bachelor Thesis

Kulla, B. S. (2016):Development of a Model to derive glacier covered areas and their morphometric parameters from remote sensing data in southwestern Canada. (supervisor: Dr. J. Blöthe, Geomorphology and Environmental Systems) Department of Geography, University Bonn, Germany.