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Seminar Applied Geophysics

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Dienstag 09:15 - 10:45



Datum           VortragendeThema
15/10/2019 Jiao Zhu3D DC resistivity modelling based on spectral element method with tetrahedral grids
22/10/2019Ulla Noel & Gerhard KapinosBGR activities in Jordan for groundwater research
29/10/2019Arseny ShylkovCSRMT in Russia
05/11/2019Maria SmirnovaModEM Multi-resolution forward modeling framework for CSEM/CSRMT
12/11/2019Ismail IbraheemCharacterization of a landfill site near Cologne city, Germany using integrated geophysical techniques
19/11/2019Chris von Hebel Investigating soil-and-plant interactions for delineating farm management zones using spatial electromagnetic induction and temporal drone data in cluster analysis approaches
10/12/2019Mohammed Genedi1D and 2D inversion of DC electrical resistivity method in area between Belbeis and Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt
17/12/2019Jornal Club I
07/01/2020Marc Seidel An introduction to custEM modeling in time domain
07/01/2020Nicole HoeringFull-waveform inversion of crosshole GPR data
14/01/2020Journal club II
21/01/2020Shiva FadaviCSRMT processing and preliminary 2D modeling
28/01/2020Cai JiDevelopment of 1D and 2D Joint Inversion Algorithms for Semi-Airborne and LOTEM Data: A Data Application from Eastern Thuringia, Germany

Journal Club

The general idea is to present one paper to the audience to motivate them to read the presented paper. For this, please choose one paper from the journal you have been assigned and present a short talk (NOT! more than 5 minutes). In this talk you will introduce the authors, present the topic and the methodology as well as their results and give a summary/conclusion at the end.


  Journal Club I Journal Club II
Geophysics Shiva C. Lieber
Geophysical Prospecting M. Genedi Hannah N.
Near Surface Geophysics Matthew & Thomas Ehlers Chris v. Hebel
Journal of Applied Geophysics Sophia Barbara
Geophysical Journal International Jiao Cai Ji