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BMD, Bachelor-, Master- und Doktorandenseminar

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Seminar Dienstag
12:00 - 13:30
09:15 - 10:45

Die Vorbesprechung mit Terminvergabe für das BMD-Seminar findet am 8. 10. 2019
um 12:00 Uhr im Großen Seminarraum (3.136) statt.



Seminare BMD

Datum           ZeitVortragendeThemaFBStudiengangModul
2019-10-1512:00Rosa GierensInvestigating Arctic mixed-phase clouds using instrument synergy and cloud radar Doppler spectraMPromotion
2019-10-2912:00Katharina JentzschComparison of ogive optimization and conventional eddy covariance method for a process based study of CO2 and energy fluxes in a High Arctic environmentMMasterPWORK
2019-11-1212:00Daniel Tuens, DWD EssenVorstellung des Berufs Wetterberater B. Sc. beim DWDMN/AN/A
2019-11-1912:00Birte KullaA Lidar and a Radar fly through the Arctic - What can they tell us about clouds?MPromotion
2019-11-2612:00Stephanie ReillySpatial Variability of Cumulus Clouds in LES and ObservationsMPromotion
2019-11-2809:15Jose DiasAggregation of snow in clouds: What can we learn from multi-frequency cloud radars?MPromotion
2019-12-0312:00Markus KarrerTerminal Velocity of Ice Particles Inferred from Aggregation ModelingMPromotion
2019-12-1012:00Maria ToporovCombining satellite- with ground-based observations for continuous monitoring of atmospheric stability, atmospheric water vapor and liquid waterMPromotion
2019-12-1209:15Tobias Böck MMasterPWORK
2019-12-1712:00Julian SteinheuerVertical profiles of wind gusts - from a statistical and a remote sensing perspectiveMPromotion
2019-12-1909:15Stefan SchöttleModelling of Ganymedes interaction with Jupiter's magnetic fieldGMasterPWORK
2020-01-0712:00Giancarlo MarrolloZukünftige Veränderungen in der Auftretenswahrscheinlichkeit von Dürre über MitteleuropaGBachelorBACHAR
2020-01-0909:15David Calvo-PrietoDynamics of Heavy Ions in the Inner and Middle Magnetosphere of JupiterGMasterMASTR
2020-01-1412:00Arno SprengerNiederschlag in der Arktis und der Region Svalbard im SpeziellenMBachelorBACHSEM
2020-01-1412:45Sarah WestbrookInvestigation of the diurnal cycle of stratocumulus clouds t the northern coast of ChileMMasterMASTR
2020-01-1609:15Clarissa WillmesIonization State of Brown Dwarf MagnetospheresGMasterMASTR
2020-01-1610:00Ina Neher Promotion
2020-01-2112:00Darragh Kenny MasterPWORK
2020-01-2112:45Tobias Klaas Promotion
2020-01-2309:15Annika SalveterElectron distribution function in the Jovian AuroraGMasterMASTR
2020-01-2310:00Giovanni ChelliniArctic humidity inversions during the PASCAL campaign from radiosondes and the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding InterferometerMMasterPROJ
2020-01-2812:00Artur KremerComparison of retrieved temperature profiles from microwave radiometer simulations based on Cosmo-rea2 reanalysis dataMMasterPROJ
2020-01-3009:15Jan Rödder BachelorBACHSEM
2020-01-3010:00Barbara BlancoTransient electromagnetic investigation of sedimentary deposits for paleoclimate research in the Atacama desert - ChileGPromotion
2020-02-0409:15Matthew OviaweMulti-dimensional Modelling of RMT Data Observed in a Mining Environment in Kiruna, SwedenGMasterMASTR