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BMD, Bachelor-, Master- und Doktorandenseminar

Seminar Dienstag
12:00 - 13:30
09:15 - 10:45

Der vorläufige Termin für die Vorbesprechung (zusammen mit der Verteilung der Vortragstermine) der BMD Seminar Vorträge ist der 9. Oktober 2018 um 12:00 Uhr im großen Seminarraum (3.136).

Seminare BMD

Datum       ZeitPVortragendeThemaFBStudiengangModul
18/10/201809:15PAlex MarzokProcessing Spectral HST Images to observe Ganymede's UV AuroraGMasterPROJ
08/11/201809:15PChristian FischerModelling observability of Star-planet interactionGPromotion
13/11/201812:00PChristian WegenerHuman Existence Potential and Mobility Model for hunter-gatherer based on climate simulationsMPromotion
15/11/20189:15PTobias MarkeLong-term characterization of the boundary layer for studying land-surface atmosphere interactionsMPromotion
20/11/201812:00PSybille SchogerSnowfall rate retrieval from ground-based in-situ and radar measurementsMMasterPROJ
20/11/201812:45PRobert ScheelePotenital of high resolution ICON-LEM simulations for wind power forecastMMasterPROJ
27/11/201812:00PThirza van LaarCharacterization of the spatial distribution of shallow cumulus cloud populations using LESMPromotion
29/11/20189:15PSabrina SchnittCombining dual-frequency radar and microwave radiometer for improved water vapor profiling in the cloudy atmosphereM
11/12/201812:00PParaskevi VourliotiEvaluating satellite and ground based observations for short term forecastingMPromotion
11/12/201812:45PEURAD Präsentation
13/12/20189:15PLeonie von TerziHow does the snowflake structure affect its scattering properties?MMasterPROJ
18/12/201812:00PJustus SagemüllerMHD Simulation of a Rotating Magnetic Field Like Neptune'sGMasterColloquium
18/12/201812:45PJohannes WergenRadar-based Storm Identification, Tracking and NowcastingM
08/01/201912:00PChristopher FrankRegional reanalyses: Validation and application in the scope of renewable energyM
10/01/20199:15PLeif-Leonhard KlieschData processing - Microwave Radar/radiometer for Arctic Clouds (MiRAC)M
22/01/201912:00PKonstantin KleinHuman existence in Europe during the Last Glacial Maximum with regard to the climatic conditionsM
22/01/201913:00PAnna Hermann-CzezuchEinfluss atmosphärischer Parameter auf die Leistung von Photovoltaikanlagen - Untersuchung spektraler EffekteMPromotion
24/01/20199:15PJosé Dias NetoInvestigating microphysical processes in ice and snow clouds using novel combination of polarimetric and multi-frequency cloud radarsMPromotion
31/01/201909:15PZahra ParsakhooMulti scale interaction between convection and land-surface heterogeneityMPromotion
14/03/201910:00PMichael SchöffelAnalysis of JUNO-observed Pitch Angle Spectra in Jupiter's MagnetosphereGMasterColloquium
14/03/201910:50PTobias KartmannCombined fixed- and central loop TEM and DCR measurements to localize the Garzweiler coal intrusion and Nysterbach fault structureGMasterColloquium