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Water vapor, clouds and radiative effects in the Arctic

With ground-based remote sensing observations, we can continuously monitor the Arctic atmosphere 24/7. In particular, we are interested in atmospheric processes related to water vapor, clouds and precipitation. Corresponding information can be gained from e.g. cloud radar, microwave radiometer and micro rain radar observations. Such observations are available at the Arctic research base AWIPEV at Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard) where we operate various instrumentation and synergetically combine it also with the collocated measurements of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (see observations here). In combination with radiative transfer modeling, we also assess the impact of clouds on atmospheric radiative fluxes and heating rates.

These long-term measurements are complemented by campaign based activities, e.g as part of MOSAiC and COMBLE. Satellite observations further help us to gain a large scale view on clouds and water vapor in the Arctic.

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Relevant publications


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