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Technical Requirements

Please make sure that you fulfil the following technical requirements:

Internet access with sufficient bandwidth

  • PC, laptop or tablet; smartphones may be used in exceptional cases
  • Loudspeaker (if not built-in) or headset (recommended), to follow audio of course/lecture
  • Microphone (to ask questions during course/lecture)
  • Webcam (if not built-in), e.g. for exercise sessions
  • Scan-function (scanner or high qualitativ phone pictures as PDF), e.g. for exercise sessions

The software used for all interactive sessions (i.e. lectures, exercises, seminars) will be Zoom. Zoom  can be used without instillation in most browsers as a plugin or can be download on

Please register for Zoom with your university account (smail-address). This is free of charge and the free account is sufficient for participation in Zoom-conferences. The university of Cologne has acquired a number of licences for teaching purposes which will initiate these Zoom-meetings.

If for any reasons you are unable to satisfy these requirements, please contact