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Teaching during summer semester 2020 will take place as follow:


as online lectures via Zoom. Additionally, lecture notes, slides (with audio) etc. will be made available over ILIAS


like lectures via Zoom. You should be able to participate actively in the discussion (via microphone, camera if possible and sharing of notes/documents). Solution of homework are to be uploaded on to ILIAS. For this, as mentioned above, scan function and/ or LaTex, Word or different text editing program is needed. Important note: passing your exercise is as before a requirement to participate in the corresponding module examination. Details on organisation of exercises and criteria on passing it will be discussed at the beginning of the course (lecture and exercise) by the corresponding teachers.


(FBK-LITSEM, Bachelorseminar, Bachelorcolloquium, LITSEM (Master), Project Work, Mastercolloquium):

Online via Zoom. Your presentation (Powerpoint, PDF) can be shared with function 'share screen'. Details are to be discussed with your supervisor.


Lab work:

Modules with practical  component like field, lab or computer work are delt with in different ways. Some parts will take place online. Other parts that require physical presence are postponed until furter notice. They might, however, depending on the situattion be offered as a block course at the end of the semester. If this is not possible, we will inform you about alternative solutions.

Information on current planning of affected modules can be found here:


Note on praticipation rights:

The examination regulation requires compulsory participation in exercises, seminars and lab/field work. This will also be the case this summer semester. If you are unable to attend them on a regular basis e.g. due to technical problems, please immediately contact the examination office.


Note on privacy rights:

During participation in interactive teaching sessions (e.g. via Zoom)  photos and video of you personal surrounding can be broadcasted. Exercises, seminars etc (general: teaching sessions in which your personal surroundings are visible) will not be recorded. With help of some techinal tools you are able to hide your surroundings to some degree. If you have any concerns about your privacy please contact  geomet-krisenstab(at)