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All teaching facilities are closed.

At the institute of geophysics and meteorology, several teaching facilities (lecture hall, seminar rooms, library, CIP-room) are closed until further notice. Their use is prohibited.

No on-site teaching until April 20th, 2020

All on-site teaching (lectures, exercises, seminars,  field courses/ laboratories) are cancelled until April 20th, 2020. We are currently working on online substitute courses.

Currently, the following is planned:

Until further notice, all courses will take place online in the allocated time slots for the courses in the summer semester 2020. All interactive sessions (lectures, exercises, seminars) will beginn April 20th, 2020. Ahead of that date, some preliminary discussions will take place and lecture material will be provided. We will notify you of any sessions that will do so.

As far as possible, all course material will be uploaded on ILIAS.  In this case, it is necessary to register on KLIPS for all courses you want to take this semester. Not complying will leave you unable to access course material.